Terms of Reference


The Old School Hall is a charity [number: 291927] with a registration date of the 28th March 1985.    The OSH serves the communities of Barney, Fulmodeston and Croxton. Some of the information outlined in this document has been taken from the Trustees ‘Conveyance’ signed on the above date.


The Committee is responsible in managing and running of Old School Hall for the benefit of the local community to provide a social
hub and venue for a wide range of social events, meeting place for various local groups, venue for hire and a polling station for local and national elections.

The Committee shall ensure that all buildings of the charity should be kept in good repair and sufficiently insured against all insurable risks including fire, theft and public liability. 

The Committee shall ensure that all of the mandatory conditions, conditions consistent with the Operating Schedule of the Licensing
Act 2003 (Premises Licence) are adhered to.  

The Committee shall ensure that the annual return to The Charity Commission is completed and returned within the required deadline.

All of the above is to provide assurance to the Trustees of the charity that all legislation, rules and good conduct is being carried out.


Membership of the Committee is formed as follows:

Appointed Officers:
  • Charity Trustees
  • Chairman
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Bookings Secretary
  • Minutes Secretary

Representatives of regular community organisations/groups are invited to attend OSH meetings.


There needs to be a quorum of six people for a meeting to take place as well as the Chair and/or Vice Chair being present.

Ordinary Meetings

There are four ordinary meetings held in the year which take place in January, April/May, July and October.  The Chair or any two members can call for an extra-ordinary meeting giving seven days’ notice.   The Vice Chair will undertake the ‘Chair’ role if absent.  If for any reason, neither the Chair nor the Vice-Chair are available, the Committee will agree on a member who can run the meeting if needed to proceed.

Annual General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting is held in April/May.   In arranging the AGMs, the following actions should be undertaken:

  • The community of both villages of the ages 18 and above are entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.
  • Public notice of the date and time of the AGM should be publicised 14 days before the event using the normal routes of communication as well as a notice at OSH.
  • Appointment is made of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Bookings Secretary and Minutes Secretary at each AGM.  Upon resignation, the Committee’s appointed officers are to remain in post until respective successors are elected.
  • The Annual accounts for the previous financial year should be reported to the Committee.


Voting decision is undertaken by the majority of committee members who are present at the meeting, with the Chair having a second or casting vote.


Income should be used for annual and monthly running costs of the hall. This includes electricity, water, heating oil, council tax, boiler service, annual inspection of fire equipment, PAT testing and other required expenditure for repairs, maintenance and improvements to the building.

Surplus income

Any surplus income, as agreed by the Committee, which is not needed for any of the above, is to be invested into the Charity Reserves Account for the long term improvements needed, ie new windows, roof and extension to existing main building.

Dated: 22nd July 2018